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Inpatient Massage

Greet The Day massage and skin care therapists work in medical centers nationwide, and are on staff in five southern California cancer treatment centers. This represents a remarkable change in cancer patient care in southern California where as recently as 2012 no massage was available for hospitalized patients.


Tax-deductible donations and the income earned from professional education programs has helped staff and support these programs.


Massage at the bedside can improve patients’ quality of life by reducing the physical pain, treatment side effects, and anxiety associated with inpatient cancer treatment.  


Greet The Day is commmitted to helping provide a better hospital experience for patients and their family. We help people connect with their loved ones beyond the use of words and in addition to providing massage for the patient, guidance and support for family/caregiver massage delivery can, on request, be provided as well.


Greet The Day therapists work in adult and pediatric inpatient settings.

2012 adult inpatient pilot program sponsored by a kind grant from Greener Pastures Charitable Foundation, Inc.



GTD Miller Funding

2014/2015 pediatric inpatient program sponsored by the Miller family

“For some of our patients their massage is the only thing they look forward to. For many patients, even those given pain medications, their massage is the only intervention that will help to alleviate pain and enhance comfort.”


Lori Akasaka, LCSW, Oncology, Irvine Douglas Hospital, University of California, Irvine

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Inpatient massage provides safe and therapeutic comfort-orientated massage and skilled touch for hospitalized patients.



Greet The Day is commmitted to helping more hospitals provide a better hospital experience for their patients too.


Our certified and oncology-trained licensed therapists are part of an ongoing initiative to integrate holistic modalities into inpatient care.