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Once registered, please review the what to bring to class list so you are prepared.

If you have questions before class contact info@GreetTheDay.org 

or call 951-314-9246

If you need to contact your instructor on the morning of class then either text or make sure to call before 8:45.

Once class has started they will not be able to answer the phone.

Drive Directions and Parking Info

The Conference Center looks like a church and is located behind the Medical Center on the corner of S. Belle Ave. and 8th St.


You may drop your massage table, linens and accesories off to unload and then go and park on 8th Street, or any street nearby. You should not have a problem finding a place to park.


Please do not park in hospital parking lot, this parking area is exclusively reserved for patients.

Massage table delivery at the Conference Center and Parking

There is a hospital cafeteria on campus that we visit for lunch.


If you prefer to bring your own lunchbox, the hospital cafeteria is fine with us bringing in our own food and has a microwave you can use if needed.


If you prefer some time off campus during your lunch break, there are many other options for food available within 2 miles of Medical Center.


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