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Leadership and Staff

Angel Brazil, Education Coordinator

Angel is our go-to staff member for all aspects of Greet The Day/iiO education programs and courses. Her business experience includes positions in community relations, small-business management, publishing and marketing. Integrally involved with Greet The Day since 2010, Angel is an oncology-trained massage therapist and has spent time working in the Chemo Comfort Touch infusion center program as well as providing Spa Day Retreat services. Angel's role within Greet The Day includes helping each therapist student find his or her optimal pathway into the specialized area of integrative oncology therapy.


Jacki Sellers, Clinical Supervisor

Jacki has been with Greet The Day since 2009. She is a professional member of the Society for Oncology Massage, and nationally certified in massage, bodywork and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. As Clinical Supervisor, Jacki manages the Infusion Center and Inpatient Massage programs, and mentors volunteers and interns new and seasoned, as they provide foot and hand massage for people receiving chemotherapy. Her dream is to see oncology massage in the Infusion Center become a regular component to cancer care everywhere. Jacki has been an educator for over 30 years, first in the field of music education and performance - including 13 years at the college level - and now in the specialized discipline of oncology massage.


Johnnette du Rand Kelly

Program Development, Founding Director

Raised on the east coast of South Africa Johnnette's first experience of the benefits of massage for cancer patients was in 1994 following her mother’s diagnosis. Shortly after arriving in Orange County, CA, in 1999 and with the objective to pay-forward the kindness her family had been beneficiary of during her mother’s illness she enrolled in a massage therapy training program, completed Hospice volunteer orientation, and began providing comfort-oriented massage for people nearing the end of life.  In 2002 she was nationally certified as a massage therapist and shortly after joining the massage therapy team at Spa Gregorie’s, Newport Beach, CA, in 2003 became one of the first Greet The Day volunteers. Johnnette is passionate about improving the quality of life and experience of cancer treatment for adults and children living with cancer.



Kelly Schwab, Office and Marketing Manager

Kelly has been an liscensed esthetician since 2012 with Spa Gregorie's Day Spa in Newport Beach.  While working at Spa Gregorie's Kelly began volunteering as Greet the Day's Spa Day Retreat Coordinator.  During that time she took Greet The Day's oncology massage workshop and infusion center massage training.  In 2015, Kelly stepped down as the Spa Day Retreat coordinator to welcome a baby boy into the world.  In Jan 2016, missing her connection to Greet The Day, she became the newest employee and makes an invaluable contribution in her shared roles between office and media management.

Board of Directors

Christine Hrountas, MD

President, Founding Director

Rick Werblin

Karen Lee

Linda Tobin

Catherine Bailey, MSW, LCSW



Advisory Board

Thérèse Duggan, RN, MPA

Thomas Farr, CPCU

Sandy Finestone, PsyD

Desmonette Hazly, CMT, MSW, PhD, Integrative Care Committee Chair

Nandini Narayanan, MSW, LCSW, Reiki Master

Cheryl Taylor, EA



Founders' Council

Scott Duncan, Founder

Christine “Tinka” Hrountas, MD

Donna Thompson

John Link, MD

James Waisman, MD

Nandini Narayanan, MSW, LCSW, Reiki Master



Educator Team

Lucy Allen

Sharon Bell

Johnnette du Rand Kelly

Karey Hazewinkel York

Sarah Hoeven

Jacki Sellers

Rebecca Sturgeon

Helping people affected by cancer live better and feel their best throughout their cancer journey.