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Spa Day Retreat

Greet The Day provides an opportunity for guests to experience the benefits of evidence-based mind/body self care modalities in a holistic wellness setting.


Initiated by and at Spa Gregorie's, Newport Beach, CA, in 2003, the Greet The Day, Spa Day Retreat, is a half-day, nurturing and restorative program offered for people nearing the completion of their cancer treatment.


Featuring guided meditation, restorative movement, and safe and soothing spa treatments, the Spa Day Retreat provides a transition opportunity between clinical care and the practice of self care, and helps guests better understand ways in which they can nurture their own well-being.

Spa Day Retreat guests are selected and referred by the medical teams at Greet The Day affiliated cancer centers

Being mindful of each patient's unique needs and when the timing is optimal, the medical teams are best equipped to determine which of their patients should be referred to this much sought after program.

Guest Feedback


"Your commitment to this program is unique and means more than I can express. It is so easy to get caught up in daily routine and cancer stress that I rarely take the time to relax, rejuvenate and most important, focus on healing." Jean B.


"What can I say – ‘thank you’ doesn’t really say it. I can’t remember a more enjoyable morning than Monday. I came home feeling so relaxed and calm, ready to just deal with anything. This service you provide cancer survivors is so wonderful and deeply appreciated." Jacque D.M.

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