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Step 1

Return completed Spa Saver registration form to info@GreetTheDay.org at least one month prior to class start date





Step 2

Process your class payment through the paypal link once the three class positions have been confirmed

Spa Saver Education

The Greet The Day Spa Saver education package is essentially a 2 plus 1 arrangement for eligible spas.


To qualify for this benefit requires that:


a) 3 therapists be registered at the same time

b) all 3 therapists attend the same class

c) class enrollment closes one month before start of class

d) ability to enroll depends on class space availability

e) class payments are non-refundable

f) class registration is not transferable to a different class

How to Register

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Space is limited and the early registration benefit for the Spa Saver program expires one month before class start date

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Why do Greet the Day classes cost less than equivalent programs?

GTD is a nonprofit organization and has no owners or shareholders that need to make a profit off of education programs.


Class costs are purposefully kept low so that they are more accessible and affordable for therapists because helping therapists get an education ensures that people in or with a cancer treatment history are receiving the best of care.

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